Barnard Bakers

Quality product delivered fresh daily

Our product range:

Craft Breads

White, Maltigrain, Wholemeal, Multiseed, 800g & 400g in a variety of shapes/styles, unsliced or sliced in three different thicknesses. New addition is the Sour Dough cob loaf.

Cakes, Buns, Doughnuts, Danish & Croissants

A wide range is produced daily, from the traditional Doughnut range, Belgian Buns, Eccles, Fruited Teacakes and a range of Danish including Fruit and Apple Danish. With a selection of more longer-life cakes such as: Maccaroon, Viennese Finger, Gingerbread People, a range of slices including Almond, Caramel and Fudge Brownie, a range of Slab cakes including Lemon Drizzle, Cherry, Fruit and Chocolate.


A wide range are produced daily, including Crusty White, Soft White, Soft Maltigrain and Soft Wholemeal in a variety of shapes/styles. New addition Ciabatta bap.


A range are produced daily, including, Pasties: Beef & Veg, Cheese & Onion, Peppered Steak, Ham & Mushroom. Bacon & Cheese pastries, Cheese Straws and our ever popular Sausage Roll.

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